Export dmp

Hi dude,

Export dmp.is to download database in dmp file. its very userful for saving database.

whenever database corrupted  using latest export file. to import to database.

its one of the security of database.



exp system/<system_password> file=<export_filename>.dmp owner=<schema_user_name>


exp system/oracle file=test_database.dmp owner=test_database

Import Dmp


Hi dude,

dmp is a Database file. its consist Tables, stored procedure, function, package etc.

this dmp file use to transfer one server to another server. if this creating before we log in and create user name and give privileges . Here user called as Database name.and give to privileage then only uploaded the dmp file

C:\>sqlplus system/password

SQL> create user CLIENT_TEST identified by client_test_password;
SQL> grant connect, unlimited tablespace, resource to CLIENT_TEST;
SQL> exit



C:\>imp system/password FROMUSER=ABCDE TOUSER=client_test file=c:\database.dmp full=yes

Oracle Introduction

MY Introduction:

I have 4.8 years worked in Oracle Platform. Later i join another company i start work on Sql Server. Now i developing through this page i will get my knowledge back. i will improve Oracle skill.


Oracle knowledge.

Oracle mostly worked on Sql commands or Toad tool in last company.

I remain what are the work i did in Oracle

  1. Database creation
  2. privileges given user to the database
  3. Dump data in run command >> cmd
  4. connect user
  5. check all table using TAB commend
  6. dual command used for function check
  7. dml,ddl,dcl almost same as sqlserver
  8. cursor used
  9. dynamic datatype used in tables
  10. rownum used for get first records
  11.  i can used in query compare with two columns at a time
  12. package is used two three procedure and function combine to work single task. its easy to split and avoid redundency reduce.
  13. etc.,

i will post. what are remain my mind and what are tisk i used last company