[-U login id]
[-P password]
[-S server] [-H hostname] [-E trusted connection]
[-d use database name] [-l login timeout] [-t query timeout]
[-h headers] [-s colseparator] [-w screen width]
[-a packetsize] [-e echo input] [-I Enable Quoted Identifiers]
[-c cmdend]
[-L[c] list servers[clean output]]
[-q “cmdline query”]
[-Q “cmdline query” and exit]
[-m errorlevel]
[-V severitylevel]
[-W remove trailing spaces]
[-u unicode output]
[-r[0|1] msgs to stderr]
[-i inputfile]
[-o outputfile]
[-z new password]
[-f | i:[,o:]]
[-Z new password and exit]
[-k[1|2] remove[replace] control characters]
[-y variable length type display width]
[-Y fixed length type display width]
[-p[1] print statistics[colon format]]
[-R use client regional setting]
[-b On error batch abort]
[-v var = “value”…]
[-A dedicated admin connection]
[-X[1] disable commands, startup script, enviroment variables [and exit]]
[-x disable variable substitution]
[-? show syntax summary]


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