Split String

CREATEsplitstring FUNCTION [dbo].[SplitString] (
@myString nvarchar(max),
@deliminator nvarchar(10)
RETURNS @ReturnTable TABLE (
[id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[part] [nvarchar](max) NULL
Declare @iSpaces int
Declare @part nvarchar(max)
Set @myString = REPLACE(@myString,CHAR(39),CHAR(165))
Select @iSpaces = charindex(@deliminator,@myString,0)
While @iSpaces > 0
Select @part = substring(@myString,0,charindex(@deliminator,@myString,0))
Insert Into @ReturnTable(part)
Select REPLACE(@part,CHAR(165),CHAR(39))
Select @myString = substring(@mystring,charindex(@deliminator,@myString,0)+ len(@deliminator),len(@myString))
Select @iSpaces = charindex(@deliminator,@myString,0)
If len(@myString) > 0
Insert Into @ReturnTable
Select REPLACE(@myString,CHAR(165),CHAR(39))

Run : select * from dbo.SplitString(‘mani-kandan’,’-‘)

Result :

id          part
1            mani
2            kandan


Author: tdmsql

I am a PL-Sql Developer. I am searching some sites sql studies but its bored. i like create studies note my own way. so that i created this site.

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